Having comprehensively completed his BBC reprogramming transfusion, wasn’t TV3 prodigal son Conor MacNamara rather giddy indeed that his new egg-chasing gig has taken him off the Five Live northern cloggers circuit and into the City of Love.

The accent is now 6 parts Prince Charles, 3 parts movie trailer voiceover and 1 part Mungret and within the first 30 seconds we had:

“Ireland have moved from Bordeaux to Paris – making it a tale of two cities. And it was the best of times and the worst of times for Ireland’s rugby fortunes this season.”

“It’s one for all and all for one in Paris”

“That kick’s gone the height of the Eiffel Tower”

We’re sure there was much much more of the same but when the second up and under “went as high as the Gods”, it was time to see if the Setanta reception was showing any sign of improvement.

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