Man the guffparts. Clive Tyldesley, Steve Wilson, Martin Tyler and lots more have all united on one broadcast.

They might be on different sides of a World Cup ratings war but commentators from all channels have come together to record a charity England World Cup song.

Let’s Here It England is the song and Premier League commentator Steve Banyard is the man responsible for writing, producing and uniting the gantries.

The chorus includes Clive Tyldesley (ITV), Martin Tyler (Sky), Guy Mowbray (BBC), Rob Hawthorne (Sky), Ian Darke (Sky), Peter Brackley (Various), Simon Brotherton (BBC) Peter Drury (ITV), Steve Wilson (BBC),  and Jon Champion (ITV/ESPN)

And it’s all in aid of a good cause with proceeds going to the Prince’s Trust. And it might provide blessed sweet relief from The Great Escape during England games this month.

Have a listen here

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And visit or follow for more info.

You can buy the song from iTunes for 79p and support the Prince’s Trust.

Steve Banyard talks about Let’s Hear it England on the Dangerhere World Cup Podcast.

Listen here.

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