For a club apparently intent on proving to the world that there is no dressing room unrest or off the field distractions affecting their performances on the pitch, Manchester City haven’t done a very good job of promoting such an ideal over the last couple of days.

First of all, there was the public bust-up between Adebayor and Kompany during City’s defeat to Wolves, and then there was the staunch defences launched by both Adebayor and Gareth Barry as to how positive in-fighting in a team can be. However, there’s no covering up the fact the loss was a real upset of Premier League weekend predictions.

Now, Roberto Mancini has revealed that certain players within the City camp are refusing to fall in line with his way of doing things at the club. Mancini is apparently preparing to offload Wayne Bridge and Shaun Wright-Phillips, both of whom have failed to buy in to the manager’s methods.

This raises questions as to why Mancini’s methods are so objectionable, and also casts doubts over the long-term viability of his approach if two players are already preparing to leave the club because of it, but it also shows that all isn’t quite as rosy in the City camp as club officials would like us to believe. Anyone looking to bet on Premier League winner may want to avoid the Eastlands club until the trouble dies down.

Still, this situation could turn out to be a positive one for the club, with City badly needing to cut down their squad at some point following such an influx of talent over the past year or two, but another question that requires answering revolves around which clubs will want to take Bridge and Wright-Phillips.

The latter hasn’t started a league game since City’s draw with Blackburn way back in early September, while Bridge hasn’t been the same since the John Terry saga came to light and his England ambitions were snuffed out in the blink of an eye. It seems likely that no side fighting for the title will be in the least bit interested in the pair and few others will be able to match their huge wages.

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