Chelsea, City, Coveting an Italian


January is still three months away. A lifetime in the up and down world of football. But even with so many different possible scenarios playing out between now and then, there is already a potential transfer window showdown brewing between Chelsea and Manchester City over the services of Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci.

City has suddenly looked very vulnerable, with a 3-3 result against Celtic and 2-0 defeat to Tottenham. Pep Guardiola’s club had looked to be the elite of the Premier League and one of the odds-on favourites in the Champions League with an 11-match unbeaten run and 10 consecutive victories. But even during that run there were concerns on defence, with only four recorded clean sheets.

Now, however, that vulnerable defence is costing City points. And Vincent Kompany’s return to match fitness from thigh surgery took a major step backwards with a groin injury at Swansea.

Bonucci was offered to City back in the summer months. Guardiola has praised the Italian in the past, calling him one of his “favourite players ever.” But at that time he was content to roll with the backline he already had, opting to pass on Bonucci and hoping for the best from Kompany. But things have changed, trophies are in the balance, and an addition of Bonucci for the stretch run would be a landscape changing move at the top of the table.

But, and there is always a but, it won’t come without a price. The word is that Chelsea is prepared to offer as much as £60 million to bring Bonucci to Stamford Bridge. That price may seem a bit on this side of outrageous, but if it were to secure Chelsea’s place next season in the Champions League, or cement City at the top of the Premier League standings this season, it suddenly doesn’t seem like overpaying for results.

One thing, however, is certain when it comes to Bonucci. It’s a seller’s market, and Juventus has made it very clear that they are selling. If they can find a buyer, it will be a very big pay day.

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