Carroll and Suarez in first Liverpool training ground bust-up

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New Liverpool signings  Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez have already squared up in training.

Spotter’s badge Paul Griffin and

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12 Responses to Carroll and Suarez in first Liverpool training ground bust-up

  1. burt renolds says:

    Ha ha ha, brillant

  2. Shakey says:

    Lol! Very good

  3. Peter from Perth says:

    Steven Segal versus The Karate Kid

  4. Macca says:

    That’s Ian Thomas Griffith not Steven Seagal.

  5. ste says:

    L M F A O !

    (Liverpool fan)

  6. Allen larry says:

    Gud 2 hear dat!

  7. the bastard says:

    Re. ste
    why say your liverpool fan, does that mean its ok to slag Carroll and Suarez,

  8. Smelly Fart says:

    @Dean, big fanny & bert,

    Ste is entitled to state he’s a LFC fan if he really wants to, he’s just showing that there is at least ONE LFC fan that actually has a sense of humour!!!!!


  9. Wet Fart says:

    I’m an LFC fan as well and I LOLed.

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