Gilesy in the Carlsberg Ad

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Gilesy, Big Jack and Big Mick living together in Gaffer Falls we can buy. We can even picture a heavily made-up Johnny relaxing by the piano in a stylish lounge coat as Jack wrestles with the perplexing matters of the day.

But we simply cannot countenance a grinning Gilesy sitting idly by watching that shambolic performance from the Milan lovelies. Number 3, in particular, certainly doesn’t look to be playing the game on its merits.

“I know I’m repeating myself, love. But you’ve got to get into a position to receive the ball, put your foot on the ball and knock a few bread and butter passes.”

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2 Responses to Gilesy in the Carlsberg Ad

  1. Captain Robert Hatch says:

    Video here

    Roy actually mentioned this ad in his press conference after the Arsenal match.
    Something about the Milan girls having better practice facilities than he ever had under Jack or Mick.

  2. Debbie Strickland says:


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