The international market of soccer gear is dominated by several major brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma or Brine. It’s surely hard to decide what to buy when you’re faced with a huge collection of soccer balls belonging to one of these producers. The collections are so comprehensive, the products have such excellent quality standards that maybe the first impression can make a difference. Thus, one gets to buy a brine soccer ball just because she/he likes the way it looks. Plus, you can get your next Puma, Nike or Brine soccer ball at very decent and affordable prices if you have a look online and search for special offers and discounts.

Let us consider a few examples of the best Brine soccer ball types that have so far served for major competitions and official championships. Triumph 20-600 is the official ball of The NCAA Soccer Championship of 2007 and 2008. The features of this product are amazing; with a great polyurethane cover and a symmetric design, such a Brine soccer ball brings good touch, control and trajectory. Plus, the roundness and the perfect spin are generated by the latex bladder, although thread stitches and the hand-sewn cover significantly contribute to the great feel of this soccer ball on the field.

Several other Brine soccer ball models enjoy official approval for soccer championships. Triumph 20-500 is a relevant example here. The difference from the 600 version comes from the air retention mechanism and the bounce features. Otherwise, the manufacturing technology is the same and so are the features. The optimal play and the resistance to abrasion is related to the polyurethane covering common for both the 20-600 and 20-500 variants. We could continue the list of examples, but they generally characterize the line of production and represent the company’s manufacturing policy.

A Brine soccer ball is not at all cheap; occasionally there are all sorts of discounts available but you have to search well in order to get a bargain. Unless you have high aspirations as a professional player, you may waste your money on a brand name item. Yes, one can argue that quality is worth paying for, but if you don’t have the skills to appreciate the features of a Brine soccer ball, it will all be a waste. This means that a beautiful ball will be not misused but rather poorly used, which is a pity and a waste. Be a smart not an impulsive shopper!

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Jack Sawbridge started kicking the soccer ball at the age of seven. At the age of twelve he became a member of a soccer team. His passion in this kind of sports lead him to write various information about soccer balls. If this article interests you, you may find it good to see pictures of soccer balls.

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