Although few could doubt that the global economy is still suffering from the effects of the recession, and that  the Premier League has noticeably declined with regards to the number of world  class players choosing to compete in the English league, the takeover of Blackburn  Rovers by the first Indian business group to take charge of a Premier League  club shows that the domestic league we all know and love is still able to attract fans from across  the globe.

Now that the vast audiences in India can watch the Premier League on TV, football betting pundits note that they  may find themselves backing an unfashionable northern side which isn’t exactly  renowned for playing the beautiful game in the most graceful manner.

Nevertheless, the identity of the  club’s owners means that Blackburn may soon become  a key part of the Premier League’s ability to continue to expand  globally.

Despite the fact that La Liga arguably possesses the two greatest  players of the modern age, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the pace of  play in the Premier League as well as the excellent advertising and  marketing it relies upon has meant that it still maintains a considerable presence on the  worldwide stage.

However, after failing to get a single representative into the Champions  League final last season, the league will need to ensure that its  representatives in this year’s competition do not allow themselves to  follow the same path this time around. The football odds are still back each English representatives chances, so perhaps this will be avoided.

Despite this being a necessary  accomplishment for the clubs involved, the rapid improvement of the  likes of Real Madrid means that this year’s competition is going to be  fiercer than ever, perhaps a sign of the increasing competition to  stay top dog in the world of domestic football.

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