50. Perry Groves ploughed through the language barrier:
“Robert Mancini’s got that Italian style, the old joie de vivre.”

49. Alan Brazil derailed United’s title challenge:
“Manchester United started like a train on fire.”

48. Dwight Yorke went in hard:
“It’s very hard to dismantle the ball off Wayne Rooney.”

47. Pat Dolan got mixed signals at Stamford Bridge:
“Chelsea have been far from good, but that’s the sign of a good team isn’t it?”

46. Ian Dowie pushed the envelope:
“He hits it right into the postage stamp – bottom corner.”

45. Kevin Keegan got to the bottom of The Blues’ injury worries:
“Chelsea have got an Achilles heel; they do not like it when the boot’s on the other foot.”

44. Glenn Hoddle welcomed King into his surgery:
“Ledley’s gone out on a limb with his knee.”

43. A covetous Trevor Welch interrogated Jose Mourinho:
“You’re eating your custard creams. Do you like custard creams?”

42. Johnny Giles insisted it’s all in the head:
“Concentration is a mind thing.”

41. Every day was pancake day for Micky Quinn:
“I had a good day yesterday and it wasn’t even Pancake Thursday.”

40. Steve Bull, 45 in March, didn’t mark Bert Williams’ birthday very bullishly:
“Ninety years old, that’s fantastic. If I can even get halfway there I’d be happy.”

39. Andy Townsend. Tool.
“Fabio Capello needs to nail his hammers to the mast.”

38. Physics with Trevor Steven:
“The trajectory of the ball keeps it going up.”

37. Danny Mills clocked out:
“It wasn’t a mistimed tackle – it was very, very late.”

36. The last result isn’t worth the paper it’s written on for Billy Davies:
“Come Saturday it was all about starting with a blank sheet of football.”

35. Tom Ross feared Blackburn Rovers had bitten off more than they could chew:
“They’ve got their tails between their teeth.”

34. Dr Charlie Nicholas completed another flawless diagnosis:
“I’ve had a broken leg and it’s painful.”

33. Dwight Yorke ogled two unlikely pin-ups:
“Paul Scholes and Gary Neville are the centrefolds of Man United.”

32. Steve Claridge never says never:
“Newcastle just don’t get beat, they’ve only been beaten four times.”

31. Jim Magilton kept on going:
“There are issues going on that are on-going.”

30. Paul Merson had a stopover en route to the Land of Nod:
“It’s a real place to go, Partizan.”

29. Packie Bonner remained easily pleased:
“Kilmarnock got off to the perfect start with a shot that hit the bar.”

28. Rumours about the Arsenal manager had origins on the touchline:
“Arsene Wenger is gyrating furiously with the fourth official.”

27. Alan Shearer and his modest palette:
“Nothing’s black or white in our country – you’re either brilliant or you’re hopeless.”

26. Stan Collymore sympathised with Woy’s uncomfortable start:
“Roy Hodgson has only just got his feet under the door.”

25. Kevin Keegan was impressed with Zat Knight’s scoring touch:
“He has those long legs which come in handy both ends.”

24. Peter Collins split hairs:
“They say the table doesn’t lie but does it deceive?”

23. Gary Speed was touched by Liverpool’s plight:
“When everything is going wrong, it seems like nothing goes right.”

22. Great sea-level mysteries with Robbie Savage:
“I had a 30-minute jog on the beach this morning – the altitude didn’t affect me.”

21. The tantric sessions began to pay off for Chris Coleman:
“Cometh the man, cometh the hour, as they say.”

20. Clive Tyldesley put his summer house in Dakar up for sale:
“He scored one of the most famous goals in World Cup history, Papa Bouba Diop got the goal in the opening game. France 0 Ivory Coast 1.”

19. The Gospel according to Mark Lawrenson:
“The defence parted like the Sea of Galilee.”

18. Whenever he fancied a wager, Charlie Nicholas plunged his head in a barrel of snakes:
“You’d need Medusa to predict that.”

17. Mick McCarthy almost had someone’s eye out:
“If you open your legs it can flick anywhere.”

16. George Hamilton considered the full potential of every effort on goal:
“If that shot had been on target and delivered with a bit more pace, it might have troubled the keeper.”

15. Alan Hansen wasn’t convinced about apartheid:
“That system was obviously fundamentally flawed.”

14. Planet Gilesy:
“It was like living on the moon, wherever that might be.”

13. Didi Hamann admired how the Greeks got stuck in:
“They passed the ball, they penetrated the ball.”

12. Tony Brown’s lottery system was unnecessarily complicated:
“If you want to buy a ticket you have got to win the raffle.”

11. David Pleat continued to knock before entering the famous Anfield bootroom:
“And there is Sammy Lee, another inbred Liverpool man”.

10. Bobby Gould warned of stark selection repercussions:
“If you put Rooney in the side, the manager would expose himself.”

9. Nobody accused Graham Taylor of trying to see the good in everything:
“Very few great goals actually go in.”

8. A Swindon local radio commentator allowed himself a premature celebration:
“If you’ve got any kind of wood, touch it now.”

7. The Sky Sports News latest news ticker broke a rare scoop:
“Roy Hodgson will not be given new drugs to spend on new players in January.”

6. Terry Venables continued to solve the great riddles:
“The teams that aren’t consistent enough are the teams that aren’t good enough because you’re not consistently good enough.”

5. Ronnie Whelan moved mountains:
“The altitude must have dropped or something.”

4. Eamon Dunphy finalised his leitmotif:
“History is there to be disproved and changed, that’s why we have it.”

3. David Pleat greeted Italy’s World Cup exit:
“That’s it, it’s au revoir.”

2. Alan Shearer went out on a limb:
“Pele did say an African team would win the World Cup before 2000 – I think it’s going to be longer.”

1. Sam Allardyce bemoaned rivals’ unfair advantage:
“I hate perception. There’s far too much of it in the game.”

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