Eamo’s sharpest u-turn and other stories…..

When Adebayor shook off his bemusement at little Theo’s accurate cross to knock in Arse’s second, delirious George was blowing in the wind:

“It’s all over now baby blue.”

Eamo’s fastest mind-change yet:

“Spanish football is slowly in quite dramatic decline.”

Real Madrid get the Harry Kewell treatment:

“They’ve got Arjen Robben, he’s no good. Robinho, an overrated Brazilian, Drenthe – black kid who plays left side – ordinary. Gago, he’s useless, paid 13 or 14 million for him.”

Nor is Eamo ever a man to let bygones be bygones:

“Real Madrid was destroyed when they brought Beckham there.”

Word of the week – take a bow, Billo:

“Has your shiver of apprehension ameliorated any Eamon?”

300 years on, the complex away goals ruling still hasn’t quite clicked with Souey:

“Nothing has changed (after Ronaldo’s goal), Lyon still need to score two goals to stay in the competition.”

Forget away goals anyway, if Souey had his way, the star men would just assembly in the centre circle for a mickey fight:

“The bigger the game, the bigger the big players get turned on.”

Eamo unimpressed with Ronnie Whelan’s predictions:

“I just want to be Ronnie’s bookie. Dial 1800 EAMO.”

Of course, it’s rather easier when you back every horse in the race. Recall a fortnight ago Eamo’s list of “serious teams” (aka real teams) were:

“United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan.”

Roma, naturally, were a second-tier, nothing team.

While Arsenal’s elimination of Milan automatically relegated a serious team to “finished” team, Eamo curiously thought (second tier)Roma “would get a result tonight” while Barcelona, despite their latent seriousnes “won’t be winning no Champions League and you can lay down with your life.”

In fact, there had been quite a pruning of the real serious outfits:

“The serious teams are Manchester United and Chelsea.”

At least Souey soon put him in his place:

“As a manger, and Ronnie’s managed, he will know… “

Eamo managed a London Uni team you know.

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