By  Rowley Birkin QC

Was at the United game yesterday.

I like Berbatov. Always have (always will clarence). His main problem is that the good things he does are overlooked when he takes about five minutes to get back on his feet after going over from a real or perceived slight.

The first time he did it yesterday, I couldn’t tell if it was a foul that put him off that shot until I saw the replay (it wasn’t) but he stayed down for what seemed like an age and seemed to develop a head injury halfway through the mini career break.

This does your head in and predictably his sublime ball in for Valencia within two minutes gets overlooked. I don’t, like some United fans seem to, want some headless chicken charging around upfront into needless challenges like Alan Smith on goofballs just to show his passion and commitment but Berbs is doing himself no favours with his habit of letting his head down.

It’s fairly well established that Berbatov can’t play on his own up front. The idiots that put forward the well worn argument that “A thirty million pound player should be able to do that” would probably blame a fancied horse for not winning a race even though the beast doesn’t know it’s the favourite.

United had enough chances to win the game and failed to do so. Simples. Ferguson is showing himself to be the Glazer apologist that he’s become by not addressing the glaring deficiencies in this threadbare squad or publicly associating them with the root cause that sees United do a more than passable impression of a blind man on a unicycle teetering around the rim of the pit of doom.

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