Germany beats Russia 1-0 in Moscow to qualify for World Cup 2010

Footballers are not traditionally known for their modesty, so it made a change to read this quote from Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin.

“If Arsenal want to become champions, how can they select Arshavin as centre forward?’ ‘I am 173cm (5ft 7in) and it suits me, but next to the big centre halves of United it is very difficult to fight for the ball, especially in the air.”

However, I have my doubts about his reasoning, not just because he talks about himself in the third person, but also because not being of Peter Crouch proportions hasn’t been a problem for any of these people:

Shaun Wright-Phillips – 1.66 metres/5′ 5″
Paul Scholes – 1.68 metres/5′ 6″
Aaron Lennon – 1.65 metres/5′ 5″
Diego Maradona – 1.65 metres/5′ 5″
Gianfranco Zola – 1.66 metres/5′ 5″
Pele – 1.72 metres/5′ 7″

All of the above are less tall than Arshavin, and most are considered to be quite good, the obvious exception being Maradona who is a cheating short-arse.

So Andrei, you’re 1cm taller than Pele, yet he is one of the greatest players, ever. I think you need to look elsewhere for an excuse.

Know any players who are less tall the Arshavin, share them in comments!

(I think I deserve a pat on the back for not making any jokes about his surname … think about it)

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