Arsene Wenger when people still loved him – a little

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The latest in Neil Ardiff’s Heyday collection sees Arsene Wenger as we once knew him, sweeping majestically for FC Mulhouse.

Arsene Wenger Mulhouse

According to Xavier Rivoire in Arsene Wenger, Wenger was likened to Gunter Netzer after scoring four times for the second-oldest French club in 1975. Unfortunately, his ensuing career never required anyone to make the comparison again, although his side did overcome Michel Platini’s AS Nancy Lorraine during that 1975 campaign.

Something that still rankles with the UEFA gaffer perhaps?

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  2. Q Spray says:

    No matter what people say, I still love him. He is the reason arsenal is where it is now. I think they can come on top too. They have the potential and I am eager to see the whole potential come out.

  3. Some personalities have great affects upon the lives of other people due to their good work which they have done for the welfare of the society. Same here, Wenger is loved by people because of his positive thought and give favor to the needy one. I am pretty happy to read about this great person.

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