Like so many troubled men before him, Robin van Persie has turned to DH patron Steve Sanders for inspiration in this time of great need for the Gunners.


Of course, as Robin will likely know, back in the day BH90210 kingpin Sanders helped out a host of football’s leading lights at our insistence.

There was Peter Reid’s weight worries with his main dangerman.

Credit to Sanders, he was always available to the League of Ireland for a little marketing.

And, interestingly, not a lot seems to have changed in the football world since Steve first handed out his  DH Christmas presents.

In return for his good offices, we were always quick to recruit one of the pillars of the football community to lend Steve a hand when he was in a tight spot.

Mind you, for all that, there is a possibility van P was referring to Sanders  imitators  Dixon Wilson and  Teddy  Montgomery in  pale shadow spin-off 90210. But we can’t imagine it.

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