Don’t Knock it, Liverpool fans. A cartoon special to celebrate the launch of


Ever since the night he was interrupted doodling on the 18th century oak door that secures the grand entrance to DangerHere Towers from inflamed co-commentators,  Neil Ardiff has usurped Don Conroy in the region of the DH affections reserved for lads who draw.

Sadly, now that he has escaped the wretched streets and spends most of his time in an ivory tower custom designed by his paymasters in the Irish Examiner, he has little time for us any more.

But to celebrate the launch of, a suitable care home for all kinds of cartoonery, he’s thrown us a morsel in the shape of this fine bit of Scouser-baiting.

All-time DH favourites are this majestic depiction of Ronaldo in his rightful career as an air-hostess and this poignant capture of the early days of Keano’s Sunderland regime.

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